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 Etes vous des vrais fan de Phantom Manor ??....Testez vous !

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MessageSujet: Etes vous des vrais fan de Phantom Manor ??....Testez vous !   Lun 17 Jan - 21:57

Voila ce que j'ai trouvé sur :

C'est tres simpas...pour ceux qui ne sont pas bon en ferai une traduction plus tard...

You know you are obsessed with the ride when more then 50% of the following statements apply to you.

- ... everytime when you are standing in an elevator, you are saying the Stretchroom spiel.

- ... your favourite way of transportation is by a Doombuggie.

- ... you listen to the Phantom Manor soundtrack all day and night.

- ... you know every spiel, sound, etc. of ride.

- ... you listen to the isolated hallclock mp3 more then one time.

- ... you want deamon eye wallpaper in you entire house/room.

- ... you hang Phantom Manor artwork on your walls.

- ... you see a name plaque or sign that reads “welcome” and then you respond by “Foolish Mortals”.

- ... you’re stressed when one of the Singing Busts is off.

- ... you get a thrill out of the “Jog Area” of the ride.

- freak out when, someone tells you they see the ride just as a normal “Haunted House”.

- ... you wait in the Portrait hall to let all the noisy people go ahead.

- ... you are the only one who walks into the Stretchroom while, the rest of the guests are still in the Foyer.

- ... you contact Castmembers to learn more about the ride.

- ... you ride the ride over and over again until you drop.

- ... you know all the spiels from the Haunted Mansion in the US parks and can quote it in a similiar style as
describesd above even though you've never set foot in the US.

- ... you check out Arooo, Happy Haunts and Ravenswood Manor every day in the hope for updates...

- ... your Phantom Manor music folder on your hard drive takes up more than 200 Mb.

- ... you can relate the combined story of BTM and PM to people.

- ... you consider Liberty Arcade the ONLY way to enter the park since it takes you to PM quicker.

- ... you don't rush to BTM or SM during the parades and fireworks but to PM in hopes of getting on the ride completely by yourself.

- ... a Castmember says to you "Sorry but you can't sleep here tonight" (Thank you Romain ;-)).

-... you ask if you can go back up in The Stretchroom.

-... you pass your website to Phantom Manor Castmembers in the hope that they like it.

-... you exchange e-mails with Castmembers so that you can chat with them on MSN Messenger.

-... you get the chance to enter Phantom Manor through the VIP entrance.

-... you try to photograph as many Phantom Manor Castmembers as possible.

- ... all the clocks in your house strike 13 times.

- ... you look behind every door in your house to see, if there is a ghost behind it.

- ... you exit the Doombuggie and tell the Sommelier "There is a 105 show on AA #87".

- ... when you can't resist lecturing people complaining that the "holograms" in the US are much cooler then here.

- ... when your family, including those who haven't been to DLRP, refer to characters and scenes in the ride by their correct name.

- ... you've pestered the CMs at PM about wether they know anything about the HMH possibly turning up at PM anytime soon...

- ... you consider calling QA every time a CM in PM doesn't do the "Gather your bodies at the dead center of the room..." -spiel in the Strechroom...

- ... you as CM insist that the Pharmacist will be reported as a 105 Show every morning after the ride walkthrough
(which you of course participate at regardless of wether you are supposed to or not...).

- ... you have a copy of the vampire wall-art from the CM break room in PM on your wall at home...

- ... you complain loudly that you prefer Price to Chévalier every time you listen to the spiel in the foyer.

- ... you routinely ask for PM merchandice in all the shops in hopes that they will see it as market pressure and actually produce some!

- ... you own all three versions of the PM sign pin.

- ... you know why the PM CMs never seem to show up in any of the Disney Cast Member restaurants on their lunch breaks...

- ... you know wich ride in DLRP is the REAL "ghost ride" that kiddies ARE afraid of to ride...

- ... you have dressed up as a PM character for Halloween or for a Masquerade Ball.

- ... half your photos are underexposed due to bad lighting every time you develop photos after a DLRP trip...

- ... you are the only one laughing when a humorous CM does the PM spiels in another ride during a 101.

- ... you buy tickets for the Halloween Party every year and ask if they will be doing anything special at PM, hoping they will take a hint...

- ... you can make a guided tour of Boot Hill as if the people buryed there were your own relatives.

- ... you always try to eawesdrop on guided tours that arrive in the Manor garden to see if the guide actually has been on the ride before or if he/she is telling the group that the ride "is scary and frightening and nothing for children.".

affraid cyclops

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MessageSujet: Re: Etes vous des vrais fan de Phantom Manor ??....Testez vous !   Jeu 20 Jan - 14:02

j'avais déjà vu ça sur le site. y a des trucs qui sont très vrais Laughing !
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Etes vous des vrais fan de Phantom Manor ??....Testez vous !
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